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What Can Women Do To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy?

What Can Women Do To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy?

The times change and the lifestyle forces women to make hard choices. One of the most significant steps in life is a baby, and a family has to plan for it accordingly. Unwanted pregnancy will bring happiness to both husband and the wife, but it also brings some problems.

An unplanned child can bring strife into the family as everyone has to make some significant changes in their life to adapt to the new addition. A child is always welcome, but it requires preparations, and unexpected pregnancy doesn’t allow for it.

Controlling the pregnancy without abortion

Abortion is the worst way to manage your pregnancy, and it can lead to complication down the road. It’s best to avoid this type of birth control as it is both unethical (according to some) and it can cause medical complications that might prevent any future chances of giving birth. Other options you will find on this list are way more efficient and safe than abortion.

Birth control patch is an option that is around 90% effective. It is a safe way to prevent the pregnancy, and you don’t need a doctor to take it. Just pop one on your skin every three weeks, and you will reduce the risk of becoming pregnant.

Birth control pills are a popular and quite effective way to prevent pregnancy. The effectiveness of birth control pills varies, depending on the brand. High-quality pills will make it impossible for you to get pregnant while cheap substitutes will give you a nasty surprise. If you choose pills, then select a well-known brand to avoid the chance of the pill failure.

CondomsCondoms are the most common and, according to some, most effective form of birth control. The only way in which the condom will fail is if it is faulty, which can be the case with brands that aren’t well-known and respected. If you use Durex or other respected labels, then the chances of becoming pregnant are almost non-existent.

ParaGard – The optimal birth control solution

ParaGard is the insertion-type of birth control, and thus it isn’t the only option that works in that way. But ParaGard is an excellent birth control option, and it can work with other options to ensure that no unexpected pregnancy happens. It does require a doctor to insert it correctly, but that is a price you will have to pay for a safe way to prevent pregnancy.